About Our Online Store

Talking about sex might not be taboo anymore! Hooray!

But talking about sex toys is still done on a hush.

We made it our mission to raise awareness and normalize the use of sex toys.

Because you deserve to be educated, empowered to explore and learn more about your sexuality, discreetly and safely.

Because sex toys can bring excitement, thrill, shivers and magic, no matter your gender, sexuality or relationship status.

Oh, and fun fact, did you know that the first recorded use of sex toys goes all the way back to Ancient Greece? But we've definitely come a long way since then.

We are Tease, your sexual wellness and sex toys provider.

We’re smile-makers, lust lovers, buzz creators, and we believe everyone should have the very best SEXperience possible.

With a vast range of great products, we empower sexual liberation, intimate self-confidence and sensual expression.

We cater from the beginner sex toy user to the most experienced, aiming to bring a hum to your romance or spice things up with toys or lingerie.

We believe everyone should have their very own "sex toys kit".

Upgrade your sexual life and reach new peaks of pleasure. All by your beautiful self or with a stimulating company. Explore your own body and learn more about what makes you vibrate and discover what makes your partner shiver - sex toys are simply the best form of sexual education.

And guess what...sex toys are also very good for your health...yup that’s correct! Studies found that men masturbation decreases the risk of prostate cancer and women’s orgasms can ease body aches and menstrual cramps. And who doesn’t enjoy a peaceful nights' sleep after a night of pure passion?

From g-spot vibrators to dildos, from fleshlights to sex dolls, from gorgeous lingerie to kinky bondage gear you bet we can give you a real orgasmic glow. With over 3000 sex toys we’ve got you covered! We sell the very best brands and most popular sex gadgets. And best of all, we offer competitor beating prices, as we believe sex tech and innovation should be approachable and affordable.

I bet you’re thinking “I wish there was a sex shop near me…” Well, you’re in luck! Our physical shop is in Central Nicosia, where our sales assistants can help you find your perfect sex toy.

Don’t feel like travelling?

No worries, just give us a call or order directly through the website and we’ll get your toys delivered to you within 48 hours.
Orders are discreetly packaged, fully tracked and speedily delivered by Akis Express, With free shipping for orders over €50 your shiny new sex toy will be with you in no time!

We aim to give you choice as well as the best night of your life.

Join the movement for sexual liberation.